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ACHILLES Powered Shock Assault Armor
Production History
Designed by

General Arms Utility in conjunction with the UNSC Army.






General Arms Utility


980 kilograms




The ACHILLES Powered Shock Assault Armor was a UNSC Army powered armor program developed independently from Project MJOLNIR and parallel to the GOLIATH Program.


The ACHILLES armor was designed for heavy combat, urban warfare, and shock assault.

It was bigger, bulkier, and more heavily armored than MJOLNIR armor and its less advanced materials meant that it was far heavier than its rival. However the ACHILLES' much heavier weight also meant that the wearer could actually wield much heavier weapons than normal by helping to absorb the recoil. It could also not be staggered by impacts that would knock over most other soldiers, even Spartan-IIs.

Without energy shielding, the ACHILLES relied on its heavier armor plating and ballistics protection to survive. The ACHILLES' armor was designed to be proof against .30 caliber rounds used by Insurrectionist "Confetti Makers".

The ACHILLES suit was powered by a nuclear microfusion reactor which, due to their inability to miniaturize reactor technology, had to be housed in a backpack-like structure next to the suit's on-board ammunition. This presented an obvious target and huge vulnerability to the suit, making its designation of ACHILLES all the more fitting, so the fusion-pack was protected by enough armor to stop a 14.5mm APFSDS round.

Developmental History

Planning and research for the ACHILLES Project began on Chi Rho in 2514 parallel to when the GOLIATH Program began.

Initially having no knowledge in constructing power armor, the UNSC Army contracted General Arms Utility, a subdivision of Misriah Armory, to help with development. The exoskeleton system went through many developmental stages with various degrees of success and failure until they finally made a breakthrough. They pooled their resources and their work eventually came to fruition after five years of development with the creation of the first fully functional suit of powered armor ready for field testing in early 2519, just in time for the first class of GOLIATH supersoldiers to be completed.

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