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Jaeter Emblem
The monitor by nomis78-d3004ok
907 Obfuscating Luminescence
Biographical information
Began service 

100,000 BCE

Physical description


Normal color


Political information and functions
  • Forerunner Flood War
  • Jaeter Crisis
  • Forerunners (Formerly)
  • Jaeter Defense force
Primary Function




Forerunner Era

Lumi was created by the Forerunners to oversee Jaeter which is a Forerunner planet that was turned into a ship and weapons storage facility. With some Forerunner Factories. Lumi was pulled off of Jaeter when the Forerunner's were loosing planets and people faster than they could kill the Flood. Lumi was transported to the Ark to keep as many monitors as possible safe. After the Halo Array fired, and the Galaxy clear Lumi returned to Jaeter.


Lumi spent then entire time on Jaeter and it's three moons isolated from any life. That changed when the Humans's started Colonizing.

Humans on Jaeter


Lumi spent the thirty plus years investigating the Humans. She knew they were Reclaimers since it was in their program to know who Humans were. When the Human-Covenant War ended, Lumi saw more and more species arrive to the planet. She still has not made contact with them about five or so months after the Militia was formed. Lumi made contact with a living being for the first time by meeting Captain Larose of the UNSC.

So far Onwards




  • 907 Lumi was created because Marv Singer, got bored in an RP and made some jokes about Forerunner monitors and said 6969 Fuk me Hard. This also helps with Jaeters story talking about how Forerunners heavily influenced the planet.
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