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77tH naval squadrons
Unit Background

air fighting


12 pilots

Unit size

12 Broadswords

Current Commander

Lieutenant Huang

Current Status



Longsword Dogfight.JPG

Best of the best

Specially training, this 12 pilots are the best of the best, they fight in a lot of battle(Reach Earth Sigma Octanus).Strangly all pilots survives to all battle. They are the best friends.ProfLongsword Intercptor.jpg

Battle of earth

The squadron was stationed on the UNSC Lucas, it was dispatched in space to make cover to the platforms.During the second part of the fight, the squadron, deplayed a barrages of moray space mine to destroy 2 CCS cruisers. After the battle, the pilots were all rewarded with the Purple heart.

Battle of earth

The leader

The lieutenant Huang is born in Los Angeles on earth in 2514 After be trained in the Naval academy of Victoville, Huang were take in a special branch of the navy The special pilot for.

Active service

Deploy in the 14th Nomad Fleet, the squadron use all new inventorie of starfighter the Broadswoord, a shielded starfighter use by elite pilot of the Navy. The 77th isactive since a few mouth participe to the battle of earth with no losses and the destruction of FT-258 as a heavy support squadron.

befor the necros war

Befor the Necros war the 77th was stationned on Luna a small outpost andhad the purpose to test the new fighter for the UNSC. Just befor being dispatched on the UNSC 14th Nomad Fleet it was under the Command of Mary Lee Davidson . At this time they tested th AF 19 interceptor for the UNSC.

Necros War

Battle of Kanna

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