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72 Hours
Film Information


Dramatized documentary


2 hours 51 minutes

Date of release

June 6, 2570

Total revenue

Close to 4.5 Billion cR

Production cost

343 Million cR

Production information


Anthony Khan


Anthony Khan, Kristie Messer, Pamela Fleet


Anthony Khan, Allyson Oppenheim


Tabitha Cooley

Lead actor(s)

  • Devran Singh

Supporting actor(s)

  • Elizabeth Gilbertson
  • Diann Warner
  • Marcie Meli
  • Robyn Laforce
  • Cindy Dumond
  • Trisha Sproles
  • Mickey Wrigglman
  • Abraham Reiser

"Confront them with annihilation, and they will then survive; plunge them into a deadly situation, and they will then live. When people fall into danger, they are then able to strive for victory."
―Excerpt from Sun Tzu's Art of War in the opening scene.

72 Hours is a docu-drama war film about the Human-Covenant War. It was based upon director Anthony Khan's memoir of the same name during the Siege of Jacinto. The movie starred Devran Singh as Staff Sgt. Anthony Khan.

The film was shot in a variety of locations around Jacinto. The film crew was also granted access to bodies of Covenant species and captured Covenant vehicles, allowing the to create some of the most accurate computer-generated interpretations for the Covenant in the film.

At release, 72 Hours received critical acclaim by critics and was praised by audiences across human territories. The movie was a huge success in the box office by bringing in an enormous 4.5 Billion credits, becoming the highest grossing film to be produced after the Covenant War.


Cast & Crew


  • Devran Singh as Staff Sgt. Anthony Khan (Younger)
  • Anthony Khan as himself (Older)
  • Lt. Allyson Oppenheim (Younger)
  • Allyson Oppenheim as himself (Older)
  • Micky Wriggleman as Colonel Cyrus Tilley
  • Abraham Reiser as Corporal Jesse Thorton
  • Elizabeth Gilbertson as Private First Class Jess Montgomery
  • Diann Warner as Private First Class Christine Tedrow
  • Marcie Meli as Private Spence Kawamura
  • Robyn Laforce as Dr. Daren Hunt
  • Cindy Dumond as Nurse Kasey Cantu
  • Trisha Sproles as Ann Vannorman


  • Director - Anthony Khan
  • Producer - Anthony Khan, Kristie Messer
  • Executive Producer - Pamela Fleet
  • Writers - Anthony Khan, Allyson Oppenheim
  • Screenwriters - Anthony Khan, Allyson Oppenheim
  • Composer - Tabitha Zimmer
  • Editor - Maryann Joyner, Francis Gent, Sean Echavarria
  • Location Manager - Isaiah Marshall
  • Prop Master - Lorenzo Turner
  • Propmaker - Pierre Alvord
  • Weapons master - Lt. (ret.) Johnie Crowder
  • Costume designer - Dylan Buckwalter

Production and Release






Critical Response


72 Hours was nominated for ten Academy Awards winning eight of them, including Best Picture, Directing, Best Original Score and Writing.


  1. Best Picture
  2. Actor in a Leading Role
  3. Best Supporting Actor
  4. Best Supporting Actress
  5. Cinematography
  6. Directing
  7. Costume Design
  8. Best Original Score
  9. Visual Effects
  10. Writing


  1. Best Picture
  2. Actor in a Leading Role - Devran Singh
  3. Best Supporting Actress - Elizabeth Gilbertson
  4. Directing - Anthony Khan
  5. Costume Design - Dylan Buckwalter
  6. Best Original Score - Tabitha Cooley
  7. Visual Effects - Francis Gent
  8. Writing - Allyson Oppenheim
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