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The Banner of the 41st
41st Shock Troops Division

United Nations Space Command


UNSC Marine Corps / Naval Special Warfare


Special Forces / Shock Infantry Unit


Locate, close with and destroy the enemy with fire and maneuver.


1,000-1,200 personnel


UNSC Marathon-class Cruiser Blue Moon




"We Make Mud"

  • Battle of Harvest (UNSC vs Covenant) (2526-2531)
  • Battle of Jericho VII (2535)
  • Fall of Reach (2552)
  • Battle of Earth (2552)

The 41st Shock Troops Division was a Shock Infantry formation of the UNSC Marine Corps during the Human-Covenant War, Being formed shortly after the initial Covenant attack on Harvest. The Division participated during the Invasion to counter Covenant landing forces.

Most ODST's within the Division were nicknamed and regarded too as 'Mudjumpers', as several ODST units were misguidedly ejected over muddy terrain during the Divisions first Battle. While initially considered embarrassing, the location of the ODST's landing turned out to be an incredibly advantageous position in the ensuing conflicts; and was later branded onto the Divisions association.

Service History

The 41st Shock Troops Division was formed and rallied under the UNSC Blue Moon, a Marathon-class heavy cruiser, during the opening conflict on Harvest. Initial recruits into the Division were either transferred from other, larger Shock Troop Battalions, or newly-trained ODST Troopers. This fact may have contributed to the poor trajectory of their initial drop.

The 41st participated in many battles over the Human-Covenant War, including the Battle of Earth in 2552. During this time, a large portion of the Division was unfortunately afflicted and infected by the Flood, and later Glassed, however many of the survivors would carry on the 41st's name into the Post-War era. By 2556 the Division had been retired.


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