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345th German Armored regiman escorting unsc convoy during the second battle of earth
Unit Background

Armored regiment


5,000 troop (6 armored battalions 1 Kommando Spezialkräfte battalion)

Unit Motto

Feuer Feir

Unit size
  • 102 Scorpions,7 Mammouths (Human Covenant war)
  • 108 Scorpions, 7 dragons,16 orges 200 warthogs (Necros war)
Current Commander
Current Status



Feuer Feir

This regiment was part of the 1st Army of the unsc, during the war this unit saw action against the ennemy wraith unit using the scorpions and the new Mammouth H7 tank to fight the covenant. After the war the unsc lauched a large campaign to retake several systems. During this time the unit worked with the Royal 22e of the Canada.

Necros War

Behind the great and the necros war the regiment was remove from the 1st army and deployed on the Battlegroup Everest. During this conflict the regimnt saw action on Kanna.

Battle of Kanna

During the battle of Kanna the regiment was part of the 25th Marine Expeditionary Brigade and supported the 77th Airborne Regiment in the battle near the district of Aleph.

Marines Force Recoon

Additional to the 6 armored battalions the regiment also have a battalion of Marines Force Recoon. This battalion is used for urban combat when the rest of the regiment is unable to fight. This battalion is also used for securising landing zone during combat. It is interesting to know that Brigadier General Francis Davidson is a member of the Marines Force Recoon.

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