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28th Fighter Squadron
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Far Isle Revolt

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UNSC Air Force


Tactical fighter squadron

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Garudas (Official)




The 28th Fighter Squadron was a UNSC Air Force unit based on the colony of Far Isle. Although initially, the colony was entirely under the control of the Colonial Military Administration, after a series of pro-independence protests turned violent, and some CMA troops and Colonial Militia disobeyed orders and refused to drive the protestors back or joined them outright, the UNSC stationed several units of the UNSC Army and Air Force on the planet. One of these units was the 28th Fighter Squadron, transferred to the planet from Reach. While the next four years still brought trouble to the planet, the local UNSC garrison dealt with protests quickly, and sometimes brutally. While it kept the peace, extremism was on the rise in the pro-independence circle.

On July 16th, 2492, the extremism came to a head, and armed rebels stormed the capital of one of the frontier provinces of Far Isle, Razgriz, and declared it an independent entity from the Colonial Administration Authority government of the planet. Despite the UNSC presence on the planet, against the mass desertions of colonial military personnel, those loyalist forces that remained were near powerless. With help from the rest of the UNSC weeks, if not over a month, away, and fearing the worst, the local ONI adviser to the UNSC garrison commander, Margaret Parangosky, recommended the use of nuclear weapons to halt the rebellion.

Reluctantly, the order was given, and on August 2nd, the 28th Fighter Squadron's aircraft were loaded with nuclear weapons, and ordered to bombard rebel held territory. The orders were carried out, and in the aftermath, after a series of deaths of the 28th's personnel, the unit was transferred back to Reach, where it proceeded to stay until 2552, when it was annihilated during the Covenant invasion.

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