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226th Infantry Battalion Excalibur at Kanna



UNSC Logistic detachement


First Detachemnet Battaillon


600 troops


Battalion Excalibur

  • Let the party started
  • Keep Firing

Dark blue


June 22, 2550


MRI rifle


Second battle of earth


Victoria cross


The Colonel Steve Daniel Huang performing sniping at kanna.


In 2550 the war against the Covenant had stretched the UNSC military to the limits, none more so than the UNSC Marine Corps infantry and special operations units. As such the UNSC need fresh troops to bolster nil strength ground units. The UNSC High Command decided to conscript all able body males within the colonies, due to this decision within a handful of weeks there was such an excess of conscripts (after bolstering of the frontline units) that High Command decided to form these excess units into independent infantry battalions. One such battalion was the 226th Infantry Battalion Excalibur, an special operations Battalion of former marines that were recalled into service to be used in deep penetration operation behind the enemy lines.

Second battle of Earth

This unit was presente during the first battle of earth and the secnd battle of new mombasa when they were send to evacute the chief after the batlle. Latter during the second battle of earth the battalion was dispached on the flood infected territorie after the bombardment by the separatist to seek of any surviving flood.During the lasts mouths of war the 226th was dispached in North America to retake the city of Cleveland to help the UNSC 8th Marine Expeditionary Force to clear the area from the Covenant.

Necros War

Battle of Kanna

During the battle of Kanna the 225th battalion were send in the districk of Aleph to bring it back under the UNSC command. During the first day of engagent a platton of the 226th went MIA when a building collapsed over them but was later rescue bye the Marines of the 345th Amoured regiment and a surgical strike over their position.

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