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"BRUTUS may have been the reason people feared ONI, but we were the reason they feared coming to Gilgamesh."
―First Lieutenant Kevin Pravdin

The 1st Intelligence Battalion was an independent intelligence unit of the Gilgamesh Free Armed Forces. While the unit was created to provide intelligence to Gilgameshan military commanders regarding enemy activity in operational areas, many of its methods to do so and operations it took part in were often morally dubious. While units like the Gilgamesh Light Infantry received publicity for their daring raids on pro-UNSC partisans, the 1st Intelligence Battalion performed most of the deniable and many times morally dubious operations of the Free State.

Initially formed in 2539 in the aftermath of Plan Green, while the Battalion was a unit shrouded in secrecy, what was known was that it was to aid in processing intelligence against the criminal syndicates and pro-UNSC insurgents.

Over the next twelve years, the Battalion took part in innumerable deniable operations both in and outside of the Free State. With the end of the UNSC-GFS War, those members who were not captured either quietly returned to civilian life and hoped not to be identified, or joined up with the Forgotten Soldiers, using the covert operations skills they had learned in the Battalion to aid in their fight against the UNSC.


Formation (2543)

Operational History (2543-25555

Disbandment (2555)=

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