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1st Bombardment Wing
Chronological information



Command information



Victorian Independent Air Force

Unit size

  • Two aircraft (One primary, one reserve)
  • Twenty five ground crew
  • Seven aircrew


Agley Airfield

Other information




The 1st Bombardment Wing was an aviation unit of the Victorian Independent State. Created in 2553 after the Independent State acquired two B-92 Rapier bombers to replace the lone B-65 Shortsword that had been shot down in revolt in 2552, the 1st Bomber Squadron, due to its value to the Independent State, was kept secret from the general public during its existence. While the unit took part in bombing pro-UNSC centers during the revolt in mid 2553, it saw little to no combat until September, when the UNSC attacked Victoria.

In the days previous to the attack, the unit had been moved to a secluded location, and, unbeknownst to the pilots, was designated as a fail safe, with orders to nuke Agley if it could no longer be held. Despite special orders from Nathaniel Wright to do so after the VIS' defeat in the Battle of Agley, the nuclear weapon was never used, and later recovered by scavengers in 2559. The bomb was sold to the Venezian militia, and was later used in the final stages of the Battle of New Tyne.

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