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"Greetings, I am 16807 Remorseful Patience. I am the monitor of Installation 06."
―16807 Remorseful Patience to Hannah-119
16807 Remorseful Patience
Biographical information
Began service 

100,000 BCE

Physical description


Normal color


Political information and functions
  • The Forerunners (Formerly)
  • The UNSC (Presumably)

16807 Remorseful Patience was a Forerunner AI who was the caretaker of Installation 06. He was fairly neutral when a Created Remnant and UNSC forces came to the Installation and nearly destroyed the Installation, but assisted UNSC forces after a flood outbreak occurred on the Installation.


Forerunner-Flood War

Battle of Installation 06

Remorseful Patience managed to assist Fireteam Beta Three in it's destruction of the flood, and witnessed the Proto-Gravemind's destruction. He fought alongside his sentinels for some time to clear out the Flood that remained, and when the battle ended, he stayed behind on the Installation.


  • The monitor's name was originally 16807 Zealous Patience, however, a User kindly pointed out that most monitor's names are synonymous with guilt.
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