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117 Institute
Corporate information

Nonprofit organization

Parent Organization

Misriah Armory


Boston, United Republic of North America, Earth

Primary role(s)

Policy institute

Corporate History

October 2554


Unified Earth Government

"To develop objective solutions for the challenges ahead."
117 Institute's mission statement.

The 117 Institute, often referred to as the One-Seventeen Institute and formed in October 2554, is a nonprofit think tank specializing in development of military and goverment policy. It is funded through the UEG government, private endowments, and donations provided by public and private entities. Founded by former ONI chief, Margret Parangosky, and Spartan Branch Secretary, Musa Ghanem, the Institute came into prominence for publishing topic papers on unifying interests of military, civilian, and corporate entities following the UNSC emergency government drawdown.

Sponsored in part by Misriah Armory, the 117 Institute has played roles in guiding everything from ordinance procurement, technology research-and-development, future war strategy, and economic coordination. The Institute is named after the famed Spartan, John-117, in an attempt to connect his iconography and legacy with the organization. Behind the scenes, the organization served as a front company, sponsoring research for classified military projects and providing official covers for Naval Intelligence agents.


  • Accelerated Service Academy Initiative (ASAI): A legitimate, 117 Institute-funded scholarship initiative directed towards promising high school-aged youth interested in military, science, or industrial endeavors. The program covers necessary expenses for attending premier cadet and military academies in the UEG Inner Colonies and usually leads into a promising military or industry career of the participant's choosing upon completion. Outer Colonial critics have criticized the program for "indoctrinating colonial youth into an Earth-centrist cult."


  • Reyna Zhou-Romero: ONI Section II/III psychology consultant formerly working on the SPARTAN-III Program. Reassigned and under increased workplace surveillance due to a minor role played in a coup attempt against the ONI Osman administration. Currently involved in Smart AI neurology studies and a post-augment research project regarding later-life mutagen psychosis potentially exhibited in members of SPARTAN-III Gamma Company.
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