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13198 Ensnared Cadaver
Biographical information
Ended service 
  • Service for Forerunners ended 100,000 years ago
  • Terminated July 25th, 2554
Physical description

Male Programming


Same as the other Monitors, just with a black light and covered in blue slime

Normal color

Light is normally black

Political information and functions
  • Formerly Forerunner
  • Hydra
Primary Function
  • Formerly Monitor of the Beacon
  • Spokesman of the Hydra
Notable Battles

Battle of the Beacon


"The Forerunners failed to see their mistakes. Why should you be any different? The Hydra will overwhelm your friends and the galaxy will become ours. It is inevitable."
―Ensnared Cadaver speaking to Roy

13198 Ensnared Cadaver was originally the Monitor of the Beacon, Installation-0-X. His purpose was to make sure that the Hydra and Nogard did not escape, or take over the station. Unfortunately, this was not to be. The Hydra broke free from the quarantined area, and before it could be destroyed, they took over the rest of the station. The Forerunners froze the station, putting the Hydra into stasis until they could adapt to the cold. During that time, they placed all specimens in complete stasis. But before this could happen, Ensnared Cadaver was captured and taken over. He was deactivated and stored away with the Hydra, leaving the sentinels to their duty with no leader, as the Forerunners didn't see that as important. If they were there the day he reawakened, they would bewail that decision as one of their worst mistakes......

What If?

In the Alternate Universe, Ensnared Cadaver is one of the lesser Rogue Monitors.


  • "Ensnared" means "to trap; trapped; caught" and "Cadaver" means "a dead body; a corpse". So, in all essence, Ensnared Cadaver is a "caught corpse", a "dead" Monitor "caught" by the Hydra.
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