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April 10, 2538


Melvin Jovel


Emilia Jovel



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Female programming


  • Blue (Emer)
  • Purple (Eidolon)
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EMR 6243-2


"Smart" artificial intelligence


Personal assistant

"Why couldn't you let go?"

Éimhear (AI serial number: EMR 6243-2), or Emer, is an experimental "smart" artificial intelligence created in the April of 2538. Born from the brain of Emilia Jovel, wife of her creator Melvin Jovel, Éimhear was thrust into the new world while retaining the personality and memories experienced by Emilia. Éimhear would remain trapped in the systems of the Kampus Scientifica, a civilian research university located in the city of Toruń on Mazovia. While trapped, she would come to discover and learn about a secondary personality living within her, known as Eidolon. The emergence of this personality would carve out a destructive and hostile relationship while Éimhear searched to learn the truth about her origins and her opposite personality.


A Second Chance

Éimhear: "Who are you?"
The Voice: "I'm you."
Halo: Safewind, Chapter One
Emilia's husband, Melvin Jovel.

In the first minutes of her new life, Éimhear was not even aware that she had become an artificial intelligence. Instead, she replayed an old memory dating back more than ten years as Emilia Jovel, during the day she became engaged to her future husband, Doctor Melvin Jovel.

In her past life, Emilia Jovel (born. Emilia Charline Sault) was born on a small farm in the region of Gers in southern France. While studying at the University of Paris, Emilia would meet Melvin Jovel and quickly developed a strong relationship. Less than four years into the relationship, Melvin proposed to Emilia, which she accepted. A year later they were married and moved off-world to the colony of Mazovia after her husband had been given a grant for his research into expanding the lifespans of artificial intelligence. While on Mazovia, their relationship began to deteriorate as Melvin became more increasingly obsessed with his research. To make matters worse, Emilia was diagnosed with Mantin's syndrome in 2536, a fast-acting disease that attacks both the nervous system and atrophies muscle tissue. The two tried a number of treatments but had all failed. With her body destroying itself from the inside and her life expectancy reduced to only a few months, her husband would make the ultimate sacrifice in an attempt to save her mind.

Still replaying memories of their good years, Éimhear was taken by surprise when her false reality was suddenly disrupted, reducing her world to an endless black void. While wandering the void in search of an exit to escape what was originally perceived as a bad nightmare, Éimhear was taunted by a disembodied voice, accusing her husband of being the one that killed her. Refusing to believe such claims at first, Éimhear was eventually beaten into submission following an emotional breakdown as it became clear that she would not escape the void. Sensing this acceptance, the Voice that had taunted her revealed itself in the form of a black-haired woman wearing a funeral gown. When Éimhear asked the woman who she was, the woman replied that they were the same person.

The Burning Cage

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