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c. 2537


17 November 2552 (aged 14-15)
Sydney, Earth, MIA


196 cm (6’5”)

Armored height:

203 cm (6'8")

Hair color:


Eye color:


Military career


Halo Waypoint - UEG Unified Earth Government


UNSC Navy Logo White UNSC Navy

Years of service:

2546 – 2552


Reach - Sergeant Petty Officer Second Class

Service number:



SpartanStar SPARTAN-III Program

  • Headhunters
  • Specialty:



    Human-Covenant War

  • Battle of Earth
  • Operation: SNAKE HEAD
  • [Source]

    Omar-G056 (born 2537) was a Headhunter and a SPARTAN-III commando of the Gamma Company.


    Omar was born in the year 2537 and was orphaned at a young age when the Covenant invaded his homeworld. Omar was then conscripted as part of the Gamma Company of the SPARTAN-III program. Omar proved to be more skilled in combat than most of his fellow SPARTAN-IIIs were, and after completing a series of specially-assigned missions, he was inducted into the Headhunters.

    Operation: SNAKE HEAD

    Omar-G056's superiors partnered him with April-G182, a fellow Headhunter, and sent the partnership to Earth. On November 17, 2552, the Headhunters arrived at Sydney, Australia in order to prevent the Covenant from destroying the city, lest the UNSC lose HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6, their most important structure. ONI had discovered that the local Covenant forces were led by a brute war chieftain named Drusus, but have only been able to devastate the city as a result of the chieftain’s leadership. Killing Drusus would enable the UNSC to drive off the Covenant infantry, thus preventing complete destruction of the capital. ONI was able to locate the building where Drusus was giving his commands from, and sent the two Headhunters to assassinate the chieftain.

    Omar-G056, sniping Covenant infantry with his SRS99C-S2 AMB

    Omar and April each brought an SRS99C-S2 AMB and took up separate positions to snipe the Covenant forces that guarded the building. Once both Spartans ran out of 14.5×144mm rounds, they discarded their anti-materiel rifles and proceeded into the structure. The Headhunters made effective use of their active camouflage, maintaining their stealth as they advanced through the building, silently eliminating any unsuspecting Covenant in their path until they found the chieftain himself. Both Omar and April agreed that should one of them be revealed, the other should continue to stick to the shadows and not aid his/her partner in order to complete the mission.

    April-G182 and Omar-G056
    April-G182 and Omar-G056, on their way to Drusus

    With many of his forces having mysteriously disappeared, Drusus began to suspect that something was wrong and was on full alert. Out of paranoia, he threw a spike grenade, which happened to be in Omar’s direction, forcing the Headhunter to evade and reveal his presence. Drusus’s bodyguards immediately went after Omar, who succeeded in killing most his attackers in self-defense. April, having made the agreement with Omar, used the distracted brutes to get closer to the chieftain. When his bodyguards proved to be unable to take out their enemy, Drusus personally lunged at the Headhunter. Overwhelmed, Omar found himself in the clutches of the chieftain. Before Drusus could land the finishing blow, however, the Headhunter activated a plasma grenade he had collected from a previous fallen foe. The ensuing explosion drained Drusus’ shields and knocked off his helmet while completely vaporizing all other nearby brutes as well as Omar. Using this opportunity of Drusus' vulnerability, April jumped onto the chieftain’s back, climbed up to his shoulders, and then impaled the top of his skull with her knife. With Drusus dead and the Prophet of Truth at the Ark, the local Covenant forces had lost their cohesion. All remaining UNSC forces in Sydney were then able to finish off the disorganized Covenant, thus saving the capital from destruction.

    Personality and traits


    Omar-G056 wore the experimental variant of SPI armor given to all Headhunters of the time; this variant of SPI armor was equipped with a motion tracker, energy shielding, a VISR, and active camouflage that could be sustained for up to four minutes and required power from other systems of the suit to recharge.

    During Operation: SNAKE HEAD, Omar-G056 was armed with an SRS99C-S2 AMB, a suppressed MA5C, and an M6C/SOCOM.

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